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NJ Pain Management and Treatment

In the simplest terms, Pain Management is the easing of pain and suffering to improve one’s quality of life. The pain management and treatment team at the Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey, a premier New Jersey and Pennsylvania based orthopedic practice, has specialized in pain control and treatment for many years. This includes the treatment provided by our skilled and compassionate spinal care team. After an injury or surgery, the pain that you feel may prohibit you from resuming an active lifestyle and normal function. Many times, patients will suffer from chronic pain that can have debilitating effects, both physically and emotionally. Where you receive your pain management treatment will make all the difference in the world. The goal of any pain management program is to ultimately reduce or eliminate your pain and to restore your ability to live, work and play – pain free.

Our NJ and PA based pain management physicians are board certified and fellowship trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and anesthesiology. They specialize in the medical management of your specific situation and are also highly skilled in the most current interventional techniques for controlling pain. These include transforaminal/translaminar epidurals, selective nerve root, facet blocks, Botox, peripheral nerve injections, trigger point injections and sympathetic blockade. More specialized procedures such as implantable narcotic pumps, spinal cord stimulators, and radiofrequency neurolytic techniques are also available. All injections are performed with fluoroscopic guidance assuring accurate injections. With all treatments, emphasis is on compassion, pain control and the patient’s return to normal functioning.

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